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1. Diversity and Inclusion
2. Combating Hate with Love
3. Keys to Cultivating Empathy
4. Cross-Cultural Communication
5. Connect with Clout
6. The science of Communication through Connection
7. How to get the heart to move the mind
8. Keys to Effective communication
9) The art of mindful living
10) The practices of the heart



She has an insatiable appetite to become better, in seeking influences. Sarah is very funny, very quick-witted. She wants to educate the heart of her audience through humor and personal stories. She is proud of her heritage, but she is not a label. She proudly wears her hijab, but she is not her hijab.

Andrew Chiu

Most people who say they want to speak professionally, they speak from the head. What’s unique about Sarah is that first and foremost, she speaks from her heart. That’s where her authenticity comes through.

Mitch Krayton



2018 Toastmasters International Convention

McCormick Place Convention Center
2301 S. King Drive 
Chicago, Illinois 60616

Speaker: Sarah Khan
Education Session – #BeginWithin
Thursday, August 23 1:30–2:30 p.m.

Sarah Khan is a professional speaker, trainer and advocate. She conducts regular presentations and workshops on various platforms including: The Science of Communication through Connection, The Art of Mindful Living and Diversity and Inclusion.

Her ongoing work in engaging local communities in confronting Islamophobia, and as an advocate for empathy, has attracted invitations as a guest speaker at various venues.

These include schools across Southern California, churches, synagogues, mosques, TEDx, Al Jazeera’s AJ+, Jubilee Project Media   News Company and local newspapers.

She has also been asked to appear as a guest on local television and radio stations, and has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Muslims of America and on the cover of the Toastmaster.

Sarah has presented keynotes and workshops for various organizations in the U.S., Middle East and India, that include Kiwanis, Rotary Club, Imamia Medics, Toastmasters, Muslim American Professionals, MAS Convention, Muslim Women Speakers, MCC San Diego, Discover Islam, Ford India Pvt Ltd., Infosys Ltd., 7 Dimensions and Taj Business Hub, India.

Education Session – #BeginWithin

Thursday, August 23 1:30–2:30 p.m.

Diversity in society paves the way for richness and variety. However, our proneness to the ignorance and the misunderstanding of the very differences that actually bind us together can drive a wedge between us, by inviting mistrust and stereotyping to raise their ugly heads; bringing with them the inevitabilities of fear, hatred and violence.

In this session, Sarah Khan takes us through the emotions of a career female, wife, mother and a member of a minority community caught up in the vicious cycle of hate, prejudice and stigma. She shares her own emotional and inspirational story about the way she discovered how to deal with society’s greatest maladies by:

  • Cultivating inner courage
  • Learning to feel with the heart of another
  • Understanding the hidden knowledge that binds us all

Join Sarah Khan as she challenges us to look at the practices of our own hearts to inspire and influence positive change in this world.


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